Welcome to The Nest!

I started Nanas Little Nest in 2011 when I had an empty nest. My hubby was a woodworker by trade and I spent a lot of late nights playing around on his laser cutter until I made my first wood cut out and that is when my nest was born! Now I spend most days on the computer doing custom designs and keeping up with Etsy.

The shop has grown so much over the past few years that I taught my adult daughter the trade as well. She ran her own shop for awhile but earlier in the year we decided to join forces and just have one big wood cutout shop. She now helps with all the Etsy questions and custom requests and is learning to do custom designs for customers. She will also be helping with the blog and getting tutorials up on painting and hanging the cutouts we offer.

We also have a very special coworker Gerty the goose but better know as “Beep Beep”. She is a 1 1/2 year old Sebastapol goose that I got when she was only 1 day old. She has imprinted on us and spends most days working out in the shop with us and keeping an eye on things. She is a great “guard goose” and lets us know when someone is here.


Anything you would like to see us talk about on the blog or any custom items you may want, contact us on Etsy and we will be glad to help!

Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back for more posts!

~Nana & Arianne~



My daughter and her Hubby

Gerty the goose

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