New Artwork!

Welcome to the nest!

Sorry for the long time without posting….we have been busy coming up with new ideas and gearing up for spring! Today we wanted to share a few of the finished cutouts we have received photos of. The first ones are done by Emily and you can reach her at this email if you are interested in her products. Absolutely beautiful work and thank you for sharing with us!The dream catchers were done by Grace. If you are interested in one yourself, she can be reached at

Gorgeous work as always and thank you so much for sharing your finished projects with us.  We would certainly recommend contacting these wonderful ladies and purchasing some of their work for yourself. Hope everyone has been doing well….We personally cant wait for spring to be here. Looks like we will be getting more snow this weekend 🙁  As always any ideas you have feel free to contact us on here or on our Etsy page

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and talk to you soon!

And to anyone that was affected by the events in Florida yesterday, our condolences to you and your family.You are all in our thoughts and prayers.





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